Saturday, September 24, 2005

Easily Keep Track of Your Travel Plans

When we answer the phone here at Sugar Hollow we often speak with guests who are planning cross-country trips including criss-crossing the state of Virginia. It can become difficult to keep track of the wealth of informtion gathered for such a trip. We present to you here a new, fun program that allows you to gather all of your information in one place and to quickly and logically access it at any time.

Are you making travel plans? Are you keeping track of those plans with too many sticky notes? Do you need a way to organize your notes about what route you want to follow, what you want to see and where you want to stay along the way? Put your sticky notes away and take a look at a new organizing system called Evernote.

Evernote is for Windows users only and is the perfect way to keep track of documets, emails, Web pages, graphics and other materials. This unique organizer appears as an endless tape (from narrow to full width on your screen) on which you can type notes or drag and drop information from a document, email or webpage. It provides limitless storage and is a fast and logical way of corralling random thoughts and resources. Then this clever program will automatically add a reference line telling where you information came from and will help you catagorize and label your information so that you can keep related notes from various sources in one place.

Furthermore, you can install an Evernote icon into your Web Browser tool bar that will automatically create a note from selected text on a Web page, or the whole Web page, if you wish. Then, to quickly access your notes on any topic you can click on a date on the timeline, on a category or type in a a word or phrase that will be highlighted in every note in which it appears.

Use it to gather in one place comments and Web pages about that those special attractions you want to visit, restaurants where you want to eat and those beautiful B&B's where you want to stay along the way. Happy travels!

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